Post to the View

Thank you for your contribution! The Ventana View depends on content submitted by readers. Posting is a two step process…

1. Read the Guidelines below, especially for Ride Sharing and Trading Post.


General Guidelines

  • Always include your Contact info in the body of the email. Your submissions cannot be posted if your contact info is not included.
  • All items should be submitted without formatting (no underline, bold, colors). NO ALL CAPS.
  • When updating an existing item please rewrite the entire text (not just the part that changed).
  • Please Keep ads Short!!  Three lines max. All are subject to editing.
  • Sorry no attachments or photos.
  • Please check out a recent edition of the View to get an idea of how things generally look.

Real Estate & Rentals

If you are looking to list a house/property for sale or for rent, we have a new classifieds section for you to post and manage your own listings. Go here to learn more.

Ride Sharing

Please use this format for ride share submissions:


  • Ride Wanted:
    • {date}: arrive {flight arrival time}, {# persons}/{# bags}, contact info
    • Nov 25: arrive 1:55pm, 2p/2 kite bags,
  • Ride(s) Offered:
    • {date}: arrive {flight arrival time}, ride offered, room for {# persons}/{# bags}, {contact info}
    • Feb 28: arrive 4:30pm, Ride offered, room for 2/2bags,


  • Ride Wanted:
    • {date}: depart {flight departure time}, {# persons}/{# bags}, contact info
    • Apr 02: depart 11:30am, 1p/3bags,
  • Ride Offered:
    • {date}: depart {flight departure time}, ride offered, room for {# persons}/{# bags}, {contact info}
    • Feb 24: depart 1pm, ride offered, room for 3p/3bags,

Trading Post Ads

  • NO words such as ”for sale”, dollars or $ signs”. Use clams, cocos, etc.
  • Keep your ads short! If you have a lot to say about it or have pictures, create a craigslist ad and including a link to that ad in your post.
  • These ads run one time. You can post again after 2 weeks.

Directory / Business Listings

Please provide the following information (whichever is appropriate):

  • Business/Service Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Contact: Name, phone number(s), email, etc
  • Website / Facebook page?

We will use this to create a new listing in the Directory, and to post a newsletter announcement that will run for one week.

2. Following these guidelines, compose a new email to