Animal Welfare


Bark for Baja provides animal control to a community that otherwise has none – this is why two thirds of the funds are allocated to Spay and Neuter efforts year round in La Ventana and vicinity. How people can be a part of the solution:

  • Donate Dog Food – Dog Chow for Adults, Pedigree for Puppies, Frozen chicken (with bones): we make our own “canned” dog food to fatten up our fosters to prepare they for their Spay Day.
  • Donate dog accessories – collars, bowls, leashes, toys, treats, etc are welcome
  • Donate Your Time – Dog Walking, Bath Day Puppy Cuddling, Office Hours (posting on social media, processing adoption interviews, scheduling vet appts)
  • Donate Your Heart – FOSTER! Contact Bark for Baja on Facebook or stop by Playa Central . Fostering is fulfilling and also a huge responsibility. Requirements for families who foster:
    • Agree to Bark for Baja’s medical protocol
    • Follow our formal Adoption process (there is no such thing as a “free puppy”)
    • Weekly check-ins with Foster Program Coordinator
  • Sponsor a Spay – Visit our local vet and Pay for a Spay in Bark for Baja’s name.
  • Sign up as an Volunteer Escort – You may get to take a dog, you may not, but if you do, handing that dog to their forever home will be the sweetest part of your trip. We promise. Send us your flight information on Facebook or stop by Playa Central.

Contact Bark for Baja on their Facebook page.