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Slingshot SST 12m
This is a brand new 2019 SlingShot SST 12m kite and bar, still in the bag, never used. Asking $900.00.
Eunice contact
2 days ago
Vehicle transport from Canada to US/Mex
Brokerage service to assist you in bringing your car or rv from B.C. to the US or Mexico. Call Steve Rough @ (604) 767-4197 For more information.
Steve Rough contact
2 days ago
Complete Wing Foiling Package
I have: A 2021 Jimmy Lewis Flying V Foil Board 5’11” 125 L Bright Yellow Excellent Cond. $1,400 US. A 4 wing quiver of 2021 F-ONE Strike wings , new to excellent, 2.8 to 5m, $2,945 US. I have two Axis Foil Packages New to excellent. Please send me a message and I will reply with a detailed fact sheet iof what I am offering.
Charles contact
2 days ago
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How Do the Classifieds Work?

The Ventana View Classifieds is an easy to use system that helps you get in touch with other traders to swap goods. Here are some important features:

  • No registration. No passwords – All you need to provide is an email address when you create your listing.
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  • It is the Conversation Starter. The Rest is Up to You – Get in touch with someone about their listing by clicking the envelope (✉ī¸) next to their name. Fill out the form and the system will send an email to the creator of the listing. This message will include your email address and your message. So now the creator can respond to you directly.