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Cabrinha Moto 10M Yellow/Lt. Grey
Lost Nov. 29th South of Playa Central Cabrinha Moto 10M, Yellow/Light Grey Cabrinha Bar, Black/White, Loop attatchment
Ron Calvin contact
10 hours ago
Duotone Click Bar and Liquid Force 12M
Left kite on the beach next to Pelican Reef Resort. $ 500 reward for return.
Guchi contact
1 day ago
Lost board Tue. Nov 23
Lost board Tue. Nov 23 on the water around Play Central.
Adam contact
6 days ago
lost packpack
To the nice couple from Truckee Ca who gave me a ride from Baja Joe area to bike shop in El Sargento. I forgot my backpack in the back seat with my cell phone and house key inside PLEASE contact me at : US 425 345 3432 a friends cell or possibly
reed hall contact
1 week ago
Bag of binders
Lost bag of binders containing song sheets and an Ipad Reward offered
Carolyn contact
2 weeks ago
Twin Tip Lost
BEST twin tip board. It used to say F*ck on the bottom with sharpie. A lot of the sharpy has rubbed off.
Eric Gador contact
2 weeks ago
Lost | Found | Available | Wanted


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