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4m cabrinha drifter kite
Roy contact
1 hour ago
windsurfing sail
looking for a windsurfing sail size anywhere between 5.5 but under 6. drop me a line if you have one lying around 🙂 thx!
Vincent contact
2 days ago
Motorcycle riding information
Does anyone know of any motorcycle trails in the area? If so please contact me. I was thinking of bringing my bike down if there was good riding in the area. Thanks Michael
Michael contact
2 days ago
Harness and kite board
Looking to buy an xs harness and a 137 board. Thanks! What’s app: +52 5576967177
Elizabeth contact
3 days ago
Beach Front RV Parking or Casita
Looking for an option for our small RV (24’) that is beach front or has an excellent view. Needs good internet, hookups preferred but not needed. Alternatively, a beach front or excellent view casita would be fine too. Would be through March or possibly April. Thanks!
K contact
3 days ago
Windsurf Board wanted
Hoping to buy or rent a windsurf board for feb 13-mar 1st period. Hoping for a higher volume board good for the LV 16-18K days. Pls text 250 354 7250 Thanks Grant
Grant Sutherland contact
4 days ago
Support posts and shade fabric/tarp
Looking to construct custom size shade structure with support posts and tarps and shade fabric. Do you have any of these items available or do you know where they can be purchased in LV or La Paz? Thanks for your help!
Laurie contact
4 days ago
4'10 to 5'0 surfboard
Wanted: 4'10 to 5'0 surfboard, less than 20 liters. Will entertain all offers. Send me a photo, Thanks.
E contact
4 days ago
Windsurfing sail needed
I need a 5.0 or 5.2 sail in reasonable condition used. (My 5.0 has a broken batten and I'm not able to fix it).
Charlie contact
4 days ago
Wetsuit top
Wanted - mens wetsuit top, XL or XXL 3 or 4 ml Thanks
Mike contact
4 days ago
Looking for a Place to Make Art
Looking for a small day space to rent until mid March and preferably close to the hot spring beach where I can create jewelry and paintings. I have references, I do not need a home, however if needed I might help out with house,or fur baby sitting. I donate 100% of my jewelry income to the EMS service here in LV and ES . 696-384-2527. Thank you T
T contact
4 days ago
Looking for a summer house sit
Hi there! I'm a happy, clean, respectful and respectable Canadian girl, looking for some summer sunshine in the Baja. If you are looking for someone to look after your home this summer, I'm your girl! References available on request.
Tia contact
5 days ago
Cargo Trailer
Looking for an 8ft-10ft enclosed utility trailer in good condition (no leaks) I am in Cabo but can travel in and around the east cape areas.
Robert Schultz contact
7 days ago
Wing waist harness
Looking for an Ion or similar waist harness for winging. I am 35" waist.
RDM contact
1 week ago
8m kite
Would buy one
Simona contact
1 week ago
Lift foil 36 inch mast wanted.
Wanted lift 36 inch foil mast. Carbon preferred but will also buy original. Just need it for a second foil set up. Would also purchase a 150 wing if you have one but the mast is my priority.
John contact
1 week ago
Slingshot Aluminum Mast 90cm
Slingshot Aluminum Mast 90cm (35.5") Thanks Mike
Mike contact
1 week ago
Wing foil gear
Looking for a beginner wing foiling board . Needs to be about 110- 120L, a 1700cm2+ foil with a small to medium mast.
Deb contact
1 week ago
90L wingfoil board
Looking to drop down a board size for wingfoiling. Would like a 90L. Maybe someone out there has moved to a 75 and wants to sell their 90?
Kris contact
1 week ago
1500 cm2 slingshot/ride engine front win
I'm looking for either a slingshot infinity 76 or ride engine manta 76 front foil wing. I could also use a slingshot / ride engine fuselage. please text +1 4086475878
Kurt Anderson contact
1 week ago
Looking for utv trailor
6' x 14' flat bed
Dan contact
2 weeks ago
Steam cleaner for carpet or upholstery
I'm looking for a steam cleaner for upholstery or carpets to rent, hire, or trade. Or if anyone has any info on such a service here in La Ventana. Gracias!
Pam contact
2 weeks ago
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