Kiteboarding & Windsurfing. Lessons, gear and more.

La Ventana, Mexico

Experience the 4 Elements difference:  From beginner to advanced, our proven techniques amplify your kiteboarding progress and maximize your water time with every session.

La Ventana - Ventana Windsports Hotel

Windsurf Center DUOTONE and FANATIC gear

El Sargento - Next to Las Palmas

We teach everyone, with a mission to empower through sport.


Baja Kite and Surf is ready to help you make the most of your time in La Ventana, kiteboarding lessons, surf trips, SUP excursions

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La Ventana - Calle Tuna

Beautiful, beachfront kite school in La Ventana is ready for this season!


I can repair any damaged kite, no matter what happened to it.


We are the most experienced, professional and friendly family of kiteboarders with 2 amazing locations. We make hundreds of new kiteboarders every year.

La Ventana

LVX Evolution Kiteboarding is your best choice for kiteboarding lessons in La Ventana, Baja, Mexico. IKO certified, safe and fun guaranteed!


Come and visit KITE MEXiKO at the new spot in La Ventana, Baja California Sur!

El Sargento - North end of Rasta Beach

Come learn to kite with qualified instructors with over 15 years teaching experience who will make sure your kiteboarding experience is safe, fun, and personalized.


In conjunction with Evolution Kiteboarding. Ready to have fun and get kiting > Come join us! @ The La Ventana Beach Resort

La Ventana, Mexico

We make real riders. The kiteboarding school for people who want to make kiteboarding a lifestyle.


30 minute photoshoots! High quality photos of you kiting in La Ventana.

El Sargento - At Casa Tara

If you are serious to lear kiteboarding we will help you to reach your goals!


Our Kite school offers kiteboarding, foiling and windsurfing lessons with the best in their class teachers. Equipped with the latest in kite gear, all our instructors are certified. We follow IKO and PASA teaching methodology, safety and quality standards. We support our students with quads, radio helmets and a jet ski upon request.



We are a school in which we teach in a safe and fun way with the safety standards and IKO instructors that will teach you this beautiful sport that we like and are passionate about. We have ozone and core quality equipment: radios, jet-ski and quads.


Come improve your kite foiling or kite surfing with Danny and Rob here in La Ventana – get off your plateau get those foot changes, gybes or tacks dialled in


Sea to Sky Kiteboarding aims to provide the best quality instruction to our guests.


We from the Pacific North West, where the waterways and kiteboarding spots are abundant.

Newest Kiteboarder training center and windless activities.

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