Ivan Storage - Cabo

IvanStorageCabo: October is around the corner means lot of you guys will come back to paradise. Need to know if you need any service on your car before arrival due we start check up before you get here. If you have a arrival date book now to let us know with time day of arrival. If you asked me to do any type of work please resend me an email as I lost some information. It is really important please to remind me. New service soon: White vinyl installation on roof to keep salt away and keep it cool from ocean moisture car warping. We can change color of your car with special vinyl. Soon we will have window tint with nano technology, 99 % uv free. And 50 % darker means you can see great at night and day but no harm full sun inside your car will benefit also a/c. Remember to email me for work before arrival with time hassle free for you and better service for you. All booking has to be done in the app due i will be a few days off and no communication so my guys will know. And my phone numbers are: 624 204 00 78, 624 12 13 557. Remember pick up car is one booking and drop of car is another booking. In the bottom put what car you are you picking up so my guys will know Thanks, appreciate your business