El Jalito - Oasis Paraiso

 Lots / by Jason Nodwell

Capturing the heart and soul of Baja, the land of Oasis Paraiso will be an investment in the Good Life! Beautiful ocean views are seen from all angles on the gently sloping properties – 18 properties in total. With lot prices ranging from $187,493USD to $1,469,000USD, there is a property well priced and sized for all potential investors. These peaceful plots are the gem of the area and provide private beach access. The western mountain backdrop highlights the blues given by the Sea of Cortez and the entrance to Punta Gorda Trails is a 2 minute walk away. The newly formed condo regime further protects your investment as this will be used to guard against hotels being built or abuse of common ground areas (including the beach storage, common roadways, and access gates).
Quiet, private, and surrounded by natural landscape, the large parcels currently available offer up the exact thing you buy in Baja for! As an added bonus, the Seller will cover all the closing costs and acquisition taxes for buyer – please contact for further information regarding this item – saving the buying client thousands of dollars and time. With guaranteed beach access for all Oasis Paraiso owners, the value and security of purchasing in Baja is locked in.

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