One bedroom one lot back from sea shore. Epic views.

 House / Condo / by charlie crowe

Ever made love to Jacque Cousteau while riding an orca under a waterfall? Neither have we. This place will take your problems away.. for at least a couple hours. Michael Bolton first learned to sing from our decks that look over the sea of Cortes and Jacque Cousteau island. Want a dope spot that your wife and mistress feel good in while you hammer yellowtail or throw down some mega loops? Or a place where your husband can feel sexy while you wing ding 8 mile down-winders? This is the spot
The space
Second level loft size. One bedroom one bathroom. With deck over looking the whole bay. Classy furniture.
Cozy vibes. Expensive woodwork. Your lady will love it 😉

125 a night
300 a month
DM for availability

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