In Case of Emergency

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NOTE: See dialing instructions below.

Emergency Numbers

Please be aware that using our local ambulance is not free. The service is run entirely by dedicated and unpaid volunteers who are on call 24/7 all year round. Read about how to use and support our ambulance services here.

Ambulance El Sargento (Volunteer-run service, users pay costs)

  • Lupita Cosio Barrera: 612-159-0468
  • Stephanie: 612-137-6580
  • Abdiel: 612-220-3566

Ambulance Los Planes

  • Alma Torres: 612-176-9136


  • If you have an emergency on the trails, text a WhatsApp message (+52 612 221 6416) to activate the LaVESTA volunteer rescue team.
  • Learn more about LaVESTA (La Ventana & El Sargento Trail Association) here. Please consider supporting us via TrailForks or GiveLively.
  • Rattlesnake bite antivenom: see "Doctor on Duty" Dr. Alberto Vazques Lomas. - +52 624 147 0507

Medical Clinic El Sargento

    • 612-114-0089, Mobile 612-232-5960 (Emergencies)
    • "Centro de Salud El Sargento" - across the street from Casa Tara
    • English:  none or limited
    • Hours: Nurse: 8-2:30 M-F. Doc: 8-2:30 M, T, Th, F and 8-1 Sa,Su
    • After Hours, for emergencies if the nurse is not available by phone, you can ask Elvia Geraldo (the home in front of the Pescaderia Perla), where the doctors sometimes stay
    • Diagnosis and Prescriptions require consultation with the Doctor
    • 100 Pesos for Doctor visit.
    • Nurse Elizabeth is the consistent person, doctors are newly qualified doctors doing their rural practicum and are changed every 4 months

Farmacia/Doctor Del Sargento

  • 612-114-0498 (pharmacy), 664-754-8459 (doc: cell/whatsapp)
  • Directly across the street from Casa Tara
  • Doctors - Dra. Ema & Dra. María José Flores (cell/whatsapp: 664-754-8459)
  • English:  Yes
  • Hours: Doc: 8-5 M-F, 8-4 Sat. Pharm: 9-7 M-Sat, 9-5 Sun.  Lab Service Wed. 8am-9am

Dr. Alberto Vazquez ("Doctor on Duty")

Medical Clinic Los Planes

  • 612-114-4257, Mobile 612-137-7266
  • "Centro de Salud Los Planes" - on the left on the main street before the Delegacion office and police Comandancia
  • English:  none or limited
  • Hours 8am - 3:30pm, M-Sa. For emergencies after hours, call the Los Planes Police, who will contact a doctor, nurse or the ambulance as needed.
  • 100 pesos for consultation with the doctor, 150 pesos for after hours

Fidepaz Hospital ("purple hospital", Private)

  • 612-124-0400
  • On Delfines street at the Walmart end of Abosolo
  • If you have medical insurance or cost is not an issue
  • Many of the staff speak a little English and they have pretty good facilities, equipment and specialists.
  • Take your credit card, insurance card and passport.
  • English:  YES
  • Hours: 24/7

Medical Center La Paz ("white hospital" Private)

  • 612-124-1165
  • Opposite the Fidepaz Hospital, at the Corner of Ave Pez Vela and Carretera Transpeninsular Al Norte.
  • Medical insurance accepted
  • Take your credit card, insurance card and passport.
  • English: Yes
  • Hours: 24/7

Public Hospital (Salvatierra)

  • 612-175-0500
  • If you are on a tight budget, the Salvatierra public hospital is much cheaper but has fewer facilities and fewer staff with any English, longer wait times, and less personal attention.
  • Go straight at the Soriana intersection, then 1st left on Paseo de las Deportistas and keep going for several blocks until you see a huge building on the right
  • English:  none or limited
  • Hours: 24/7



Comandante El Sargento, La Ventana

  • 612-167-3907 (Victor

El Sargento:

  • 612-114-0433 - police station
  • 612-107-4818 - On Duty Mobile (24/7)
  • Use the On Duty cell phone number for emergencies after hours.  This is a phone carried by the on duty officer in El Sargento.
  • English: none or limited
  • Hours: 24/7

Los Planes:

  • 612-114-0462 (24/7) they will radio LV/ES Police on patrol

La Paz Auto Emergencies (Transito)

  • 682-129-4558
  • For auto emergencies, this department is a combination of DMV and Police
  • English:  none or limited

Green Angels

  • 078 or 01-800-987-8224
  • For roadside assistance. 078 is posted on roadside signs in BCS but we were unable to make 078 work using our US cell phone.
  • The 800 number is a Mexican 800 number, we also could not make this work from our US cell phone

Local government - Delegacion El Sargento

  • 612-114-0439

Local government - Delegacion Los Planes

  • 612-114-4032

Tourist Protection

  • 01-800-903-9200

Dr. Robert Freeman

  • 612-158-5762. Mexican Cell 612-158-5762
  • Free CRISIS Intervention - Suicide, Domestic Violence, Extreme Emotional Distress
  •  Washington State Clinical Psychologist #2208 (retired)

Content collated by Alison & Bruce – Updated Apr 2024. 

Dialing Instructions

Dialing from a US/Canada cell phone

  • Mexican land line: +52 & PhoneNumber
  • Mexican cell phone: +52 & 1 & Phone Number
  • NOTE: The + sign replaces the international dialing codes of 011 in the U.S. and 00 in Mexico which allows the programmed numbers to work seamlessly on both sides of the border.
  • The plus sign (+) is normally entered by holding down the Zero key for a second.

Dialing Within Mexico

  • Local Landline: 7 Digit Phone Number Only
  • Long Distance Landline Number within Mexico: 01 & Area Code & 7 Digit Phone Number
  • Local Cell Phone Number: 044 & Area Code & Phone Number

To dial a United States 800 number FROM Mexico, replace the 800 prefix with the prefix shown below:

  • 800 numbers: Dial 001-880-then the number
  • 866 numbers: Dial 001-883-then the number
  • 877 numbers: Dial 001-882-then the number
  • 888 numbers: Dial 001-881-then the number
  • NOTE: there *may* be a charge associated with using these alternative prefixes, and in some cases we have heard that the alternative prefix does not work.