Amigos de Alumnos

Amigos de Alumnos is an organization that has been supporting local students and their education since 2010. Our mission is to make education more accessible for local students of La Ventana, El Sargento, Los Planes, Agua Amarga and the surrounding areas by providing scholarships and support.
In Mexico, students and their families are responsible for a portion of their school fees when they enter high school. What this often means is that those who aren’t able to afford it, simply stop attending. The school fees cover transport, textbooks, and school administration costs. With $300 per year, we are able to cover one student fully in high school.

La Ventana and the surrounding areas have become a mecca for windsport lovers and the landscape of career and future for those living here has changed drastically. By creating a scholarship fund, we are able to give back in a lasting way to this community that has given us so much. Since 2010, we have sent over 215 students to high school and 35 to university.

To donate, please visit this link or email us directly at You can also visit our website at Thank you in advance for supporting the future of education in our beautiful town!

What follows are some updates that have been shared with the Ventana View.

La Ventana Classic And Amigos De Alumnos Honored By CECyT #09

4 November, 2019 – The non-profit organization La Ventana Classic and the Amigos de Alumnos group were honored recently for their ongoing collaboration to fund high school scholarships for students of need to attend CECyT #9 near Los Planes.

The school staff, administration, and students held a breakfast to recognize, honor, and thank them for their 11 years of continued support of student scholarships. Many of the current 64 recipients were there and presented a video, and framed photo of themselves, and a plaque.

Group members able to attend were Karon, Jimena, and Tim Hatler representing the La Ventana Classic, and Maribel Lucero representing the Amigos de Alumnos group. They all had a wonderful time and did indeed feel honored!

High School Graduation

9 July, 2018 – On Thursday, July 5, a ceremony was held at the Los Planes Science & Technology High School, CECyT to celebrate the 2018 graduating class.

The Amigos de Alumnos program had six students as part of this exciting event for our communities. Congratulations are in order for … Michelle, Maria, Axel, Juan, Kenia, Lizeth who successfully completed high school and received their diplomas. Congratulations also to Carla and Bertha who earned special honors in their second year.

Our sponsors, donors and LV Classic volunteers, which must include the Palapas Ventana team and numerous community members, play a huge role in making this happen. Many heartfelt thanks from the students, their families and the Amigos de Alumnos group.

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La Ventana Classic / Amigos de Alumnos Spring Update

31 March, 2018 – By any measure the 2018 La Ventana Classic was a resounding success!!

The La Ventana Classic (LVC AC) has awarded the Amigos de Alumnos Scholarship fund the amazing amount of $35,000 US from the proceeds of the La Ventana Classic fund raiser! All that fun and such a successful fundraiser makes this event extra special.

The scholarship program will be able to expand by giant steps because of this donation.
Here’s what we will do with the proceeds:

  • Add 30 more high school students from La Ventana, El Sargento and Los Planes
  • Add six more university students with degree interests ranging from Business Accounting, Civil Engineering, Tourism Industry, Fishing Engineering, and Medicine.

When the new school year begins in August 2018 we should be supporting at least 65 local high school students and 8 local university students.  We have come a long way since 2011 when we began the program with five girls.

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Another exciting development is that the LVC AC received a donation specifically to offset the expense of becoming a Friends of Fund with the (ICF) International Communities Foundation. The foundation allows donors in the United States to give tax deductable gifts to non-profits in Mexico, Central and South America. We will be showing up soon on their web site and in the next Baja California Sur Giving Guide.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our community. A big thank you again to Tim Hatler, exceptional human being, our wonderful sponsors and donors both local and stateside, fabulous participants, and the best volunteers in the world!

We remain an all volunteer organization. Every donation is used on direct students services.

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