Post to the View

Thank you for your contribution! The Ventana View depends on content submitted by the community. Posts to the View generally fall into these buckets:

  • FYI / Questions / Help – Questions or info for the community.
  • Lost or Found – If you lost something or found something.
  • Community Action – Activities and updates related to community-focused organizations.
  • Events & Activities – Add an event or activity to our Event Calendar (newsletter and website)
  • Trading Post – Looking for something, looking to get rid of something. See special guidelines below.
  • Ride Sharing – Looking for a ride to/from the airport, caravan to/from Baja, etc. See special guidelines below.
  • Real Estate & Rentals – New! We have a new classifieds section for you to post and manage your own listings. Go here to learn more.
  • Business Directory & Announcements – See special guidelines below.

How to Submit a Post

  1. Read the guidelines below, especially for Ride Sharing and Trading Post.
  2. Following these guidelines, write a new email with your post to
  3. Before hitting <send>, re-read your submission, making sure that you are following the guidelines.
  4. Hit <send>.

General Guidelines

  • Please check out a recent edition of the View to get an idea of how things generally work.
  • Please Keep listings short!  If it is longer than a tweet (288 characters), it’s too long.  All submissions are subject to editing.
  • Always include your Contact info in the body of the email. Your submissions cannot be posted if your contact info is not included.
  • All items should be submitted without formatting (no underline, bold, colors). No ALL CAPS, or excessive punctuation!!!
  • Sorry no attachments or photos.
  • It is the responsibility of the poster to verify the accuracy of all information submitted. The Ventana View is not responsible for errors or omissions. We cannot accept fiscal or legal responsibility or liability for errors, omissions or factually incorrect information. By submitting you agree to the Ventana View Terms of Use.
  • Except where noted below, ads/listings run in the newsletter one time.

Ride Sharing

Please use this format shown in the examples below for ride share submissions. We do not accept any other format. These listings will run until the date of the rideshare.


  • Ride Wanted: Nov 25: arrives 1:55pm, 2p/2 kite bags,
  • Ride Offered: Feb 28: arrives 4:30pm, Ride offered, room for 2p/2bags,


  • Ride Wanted: Apr 02: departs 11:30am, 1p/3bags,
  • Ride Offered: Feb 24: departs 1pm, ride offered, room for 3p/3bags,


  • Write a short description of to/from, who, what, and when. These listings will run for two weeks.

Trading Post

  • No spammy words such as ”for sale”, dollars or $ signs. Use clams, cocos, etc.
  • Keep your ads short! (no more than 288 characters). If you have a lot to say about it or have pictures, create a craigslist ad and including a link to that ad in your post.
  • These ads run one time. You can post again after 2 weeks.

Business Directory & Announcements

Include your business in the Directory or update your current listing. Please provide the following information (whichever is appropriate).

  • Business/Service Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Contact: Name, phone number(s), email, etc
  • Website / Facebook page?
  • Logo/Image – an image that represents your business.

Announcements – Businesses can submit announcements for the Business section of the newsletter.

  • They should be no more than 288 characters.
  • These ads run one time.
  • Businesses can submit  every two weeks.