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Connect with other travelers to coordinate airport rides, caravans up and down the peninsula, rides for people and stuff. How does it work?

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Los Cabos Airport → La Ventana

Sep 30 Arrives SJD 1:40 PM: ride needed/1 per. Ride wanted or share shuttle 1 person 1 bag - Warren Bruce contact
Oct 09 Arrives SJD 11:00 AM: ride needed/1 per. Share shuttle. Will have 1 kite travel bag and 2 suitcases. - Maureen contact
Oct 12 Arrives SJD 1:40 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Ride wanted; or share a shuttle. - Pam contact
Oct 18 Arrives SJD 1:05 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. I can arrange a shuttle. - Bruce contact
Oct 25 Arrives SJD 11:55 AM: ride needed/2 ppl. Just 2 of us, no pets, no sports equipment. - Mady Blackburn contact
Nov 06 Arrives SJD 3:40 PM: ride needed/1 per. Ride needed or share a shuttle. 2 large sports bags. - Gerry contact
Dec 12 Arrives SJD 2:58 PM: ride needed/1 per. Need a ride or shuttle share - Don Myers contact
Mar 12 Arrives SJD 1:35 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Ride wanted, or share shuttle. - Pam contact

La Ventana → Los Cabos Airport

Nov 24 Departs SJD 4:45 PM: ride needed/1 per. Ride needed or share a shuttle. 2 large sport bags. - Gerry contact
Feb 07 Departs SJD 3:25 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Ride wanted or share shuttle - Pam contact
Apr 16 Departs SJD 2:25 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Ride wanted, or share shuttle. - Pam contact
May 10 Departs SJD 2:30 PM: ride needed/1 per. - Linda contact

La Paz Airport → La Ventana

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La Ventana → La Paz Airport

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🚙 Travelshares


Sep 2023 Caravan: Wondering if anyone driving from Whistler/ Vancouver area might have room to bring an amplifier and mike stands to LV Pelican Reef. Happy to pay! - Carolyn contact
Oct 2023 Caravan: Plan to cross October 23 at Algadones or Mexicali. Boondocking or camping. 2 or 2.5 days to LV. - Peter contact
Oct 2023 Caravan: Cross Mexicali, 2 or 3 day drive to LV leaving Oct 22 - 31. I'm an adult man and driving alone. - Alex contact
Oct 2023 Caravan: Looking to caravan from El Centro/Mexicali to LV, 2 days driving, around October 15 or 16 - John contact
Oct 2023 Ride for People: Oct 16th room for passenger and gear, Leaving Victoria with possible stop in Hood River meeting convoy in Mexicali Oct 16 crossing - Tom contact
Oct 2023 Ride for People: Room for a passenger with gear, meeting up with a convoy crossing Mexicali October 16th to LV. Additionally I have a complete separate LV camp setup small RV quarters with solar, fan, stereo, shade. - Tom contact
Nov 2023 Caravan: Caravan, Leaving Las Vegas around the 13th thru the 15th of November, crossing at Mexicali, arrangements open - Stephen contact
Nov 2023 Caravan: Crossing at Mexicali 11/4. Staying in San Felipe 11/4 then Mulege 11/5. Arriving in LV 11/6. - Jon Nigbor contact
Nov 2023 Caravan: Hi! Looking for a caravan 11/10 ish. Experienced Baja travelers. Crossing at algadones or mexicali. In a pickup and can camp on the way down. - Dean contact
Nov 2023 Other: Looking for someone to drive my subaru to southern baja mid November from hood river area so i can fly with my toddler. I’ll have some things in the car but plenty of room for your stuff - Hannah contact


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How Does the Travel Board Work?

The Ventana View Travel Board is an easy to use system that helps you get in touch with other travelers who are going your way. Here are some important features:

It is the Conversation Starter. The Rest is Up to You – Get in touch with someone about their Rideshare/Travelshare by clicking the envelope (✉️) next to their name. Fill out the form and the system will send an email to the creator of the Rideshare/Travelshare. This message will include your email address and your message. So now the creator can respond to you directly.

No registration. No passwords – All you need to provide is an email address when you create your Rideshare/Travelshare.

Protects Your Privacy – As the creator of a Rideshare/Travelshare, your email address is not displayed on the Travel Board. It will never be revealed.

Email Confirmation – Create your Rideshare/Travelshare and the system will email you a link to confirm it. Once you click the confirmation link, your new Rideshare/Travelshare will appear in the Travel Board.

Edit and Delete – If you make a mistake when creating your Rideshare/Travelshare or you want to delete it from the Travel Board, you can do so by clicking the edit link in the original confirmation email (so save that confirmation email).