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Los Cabos Airport → La Ventana

Mar 22 Arrives SJD 11:00 AM: ride offered/4 ppl. Shuttle SJD to LV. $40 per person. Up to 4 people. - Bob contact
Mar 22 Arrives SJD 1:30 PM: ride needed/1 per. my car is at gas station in buena vista can pay gas help ! - Gordon contact
Mar 22 Arrives SJD 3:00 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. 2 carry ons - Bob Charlton contact
Mar 24 Arrives SJD 6:45 PM: ride needed/1 per. Shuttle share?? It's just me and one small-ish bag! - Kali contact
Mar 29 Arrives SJD 1:16 PM: ride needed/1 per. have a both a kite and bike bag - Gerry Mcgeough contact
Mar 30 Arrives SJD 12:06 PM: ride needed/1 per. 1 passenger, backpack, gear bag (no board). Share a shuttle? - Ash contact
Apr 02 Leave SJD 6:00 PM: ride offered/4 ppl. Looking for someone drive my car from SJC to LV after apr 2 - Jeanie Smoleroff contact
Apr 13 Arrives SJD 2:00 PM: ride needed/1 per. Ride share or shuttle. 1 person with small backpack. - Art S. contact
Dec 12 Arrives SJD 2:58 PM: ride needed/1 per. Need a ride or shuttle share - Don Myers contact

La Ventana → Los Cabos Airport

Mar 22 Departs SJD 11:35 AM: ride needed/1 per. 1 medium size suitcase - Amanda contact
Mar 23 Departs SJD 2:00 PM: ride offered/1 per. - neil contact
Mar 24 Departs SJD 12:30 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Minimal bags, medium dog - Jon peddie contact
Mar 25 Departs SJD 4:30 PM: ride needed/1 per. Sharing a shuttle is an option - Carly contact
Mar 26 Departs SJD 12:50 PM: ride offered/2 ppl. Free ride - Chris contact
Mar 26 Departs SJD 1:07 PM: ride needed/1 per. 1 bag, no kite gear - Karen contact
Mar 28 Departs SJD 10:15 AM: ride offered/2 ppl. Can drive, prefer to share taxi expense. - Bill contact
Mar 29 Departs SJD 3:50 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. 2 carry ons - Bob Charlton contact
Mar 31 Departs SJD 11:00 AM: ride offered/1 per. - Gene contact
Mar 31 Departs SJD 2:15 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Golf travel bag & suit case - Kevin Viney contact
Apr 04 Departs SJD 1:15 PM: ride offered/5 ppl. Booking a ride with Samuel - looking to share. - Doran contact
Apr 06 Departs SJD 12:30 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. 2 passengers/3 bags share shuttle dept LV 8 am Thursday 4/6 - Steve contact
Apr 11 Departs SJD 9:31 AM: ride needed/1 per. Looking fer a ride, shuttle to sjd early Tuesday April 11 - Squrl contact
Apr 12 Departs SJD 2:40 PM: ride needed/1 per. Have both a kite and bike bag - Gerry Mcgeough contact
Apr 20 Departs SJD 3:20 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Plan ahead. Share a shuttle. 2 people with a 2 bags - Carol contact

La Paz Airport → La Ventana

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La Ventana → La Paz Airport

Mar 22 Departs LAP 7:45 AM: ride needed/1 per. One suitcase, willing to share gas expenses - Chuck contact

🚙 Travelshares


Mar 2023 Caravan: March 31st at 8AM to cabo airport - gene contact
Mar 2023 Ride for People: I need a ride to the San Jose del Cabo airport on March 24 and I need to be there by 10 o’clock - Chuck contact


Mar 2023 Caravan: March 30/31 from LV to preferably Mexicali, 2 or 3 day transit. - Alex contact
Mar 2023 Caravan: Leave late march from LV, crossing Mexicali preferably, 2 or 3 days trip. Just looking for a bit of security and backup. Can't offer any cargo space. Alex +1 650 521 2506 - Alex D Olender contact
Mar 2023 Caravan: March 21 we plan to head N from LV. Camping or Boondocking. First evening we plan on Rice N Beans in San Ignacio , 2nd evening just S of Mexicali. Cross Mexicali or Yuma on third day. 686-194-3688. - Peter contact
Mar 2023 Ride for Stuff: Looking for ride back to the border (pref. Tec’ or Tij’) for one or two Baja Divide riders (with bicycles/bags) around Mar 20. Happy to contribute gas money as long as it’s still cheaper than the bus! - Adam contact
Mar 2023 Ride for Stuff: Looking for a ride for my e-bike to the gorge or Portland before April 1. Will happily throw some money or copper river salmon in for the effort. - John B contact
Mar 2023 Ride for Stuff: Looking to get a small 18' skiff (1000~ lbs) towed home to the gorge. It's in Phoenix though.... a 5 hour detour. For your time, I'd pay for all your gas from the US/Mex border to the gorge. - Brian Beaulaurier contact
Apr 2023 Caravan: LV to Hood River. Leaving Thursday the 13th. Mulege, San Filipe, Vegas, Twin Falls. - Jon Nigbor contact
Apr 2023 Caravan: leaving LV about April 18, take about 2 days to Mexicali - John contact
Apr 2023 Caravan: Looking for an additional vehicle to do Baja in 2 days. Leaving on or as close to the 5th of April. Plan to cross in Mexicali - Irene contact
Apr 2023 Caravan: One couple in Jeep going north. Sorry no riders as back will be full of our stuff. Plan to leave April 15 or 16th. Usually stop in San Ignacio, then take 5 to exit. Can exit at Mexicali or Yuma. - David Moore contact
Apr 2023 Caravan: We would like to leave La Ventana April 11, overnight in Mulege and San Felipe to cross at Mexicali bright and early. We have walkie talkies, 4 wheel drive Honda Pilot. - Charlie and Olga contact
Apr 2023 Other: Need your vehicle taken back home? We sold our motor home so return your truck/car /whatever back to BC or Alberta for you. April, but we are flexible Give us an email if it works for you - ron contact
Apr 2023 Ride for People: One person needing ride to Az border or further east- anytime in April,will consider late march - Sandie Secrist contact


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How Does the Travel Board Work?

The Ventana View Travel Board is an easy to use system that helps you get in touch with other travelers who are going your way. Here are some important features:

It is the Conversation Starter. The Rest is Up to You – Get in touch with someone about their Rideshare/Travelshare by clicking the envelope (✉️) next to their name. Fill out the form and the system will send an email to the creator of the Rideshare/Travelshare. This message will include your email address and your message. So now the creator can respond to you directly.

No registration. No passwords – All you need to provide is an email address when you create your Rideshare/Travelshare.

Protects Your Privacy – As the creator of a Rideshare/Travelshare, your email address is not displayed on the Travel Board. It will never be revealed.

Email Confirmation – Create your Rideshare/Travelshare and the system will email you a link to confirm it. Once you click the confirmation link, your new Rideshare/Travelshare will appear in the Travel Board.

Edit and Delete – If you make a mistake when creating your Rideshare/Travelshare or you want to delete it from the Travel Board, you can do so by clicking the edit link in the original confirmation email (so save that confirmation email).