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Los Cabos Airport → La Ventana

Oct 03 Arrives SJD 11:41 AM: ride needed/1 per. 1 bag, no gear - Mike contact
Oct 11 Arrives SJD 3:50 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. 2 bags, no pets or equipment - Don contact
Oct 13 Arrives SJD 2:15 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Ride wanted, or will share shuttle. - Pam contact
Oct 25 Arrives SJD 3:10 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. 2 people, 3 bags, no sports gear, no pets - Mady Blackburn contact
Oct 26 Arrives SJD 1:40 PM: ride offered/2 ppl. I can arrange a shuttle when I know how many. - Bruce contact
Oct 26 Arrives SJD 2:00 PM: ride needed/1 per. 1 person plus gear looking to share shuttle - Tom contact
Nov 02 Arrives SJD 3:00 PM: ride offered/4 ppl. We have coordinated our travel to LA Ventana with a local va - Jodi contact
Nov 02 Arrives SJD 3:20 PM: ride needed/1 per. 1 person, one small bag - Mady Blackburn contact
Nov 08 Arrives SJD 12:30 PM: ride needed/1 per. 3 bags - Cindy Hanson contact
Nov 17 Arrives SJD 3:00 PM: ride needed/1 per. Looking to share a taxi - Eliah contact
Nov 22 Arrives SJD 2:07 PM: ride offered/4 ppl. Will arrange a shuttle we can take at least 4 people. - Rick contact

La Ventana → Los Cabos Airport

Oct 31 Departs SJD 2:30 PM: ride needed/1 per. 1 person, one small bag - Mady Blackburn contact

La Paz Airport → La Ventana

Oct 15 Arrives LAP 11:00 AM: ride needed/1 per. Have a bicycle in a box, dimensions are 138 x 85 x 39 cm - Dan contact

La Ventana → La Paz Airport

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🚙 Travelshares


Oct 2022 Caravan: Looking to caravan. Crossing Mexicali East on Oct 25 and heading to LV in our van. Will take 3-4 days - Shaw/Clark contact
Oct 2022 Caravan: Crossing through Mexicali October 22 or 23. Prefer 2 days to LV - John contact
Oct 2022 Caravan: crossing through mexicali october 2nd...headed to LV...sunday is a good day to cross for several reasons - evan louis contact
Oct 2022 Caravan: Leaving Columbia River Gorge to La Ventana about October 1, 2022 - Hal contact
Oct 2022 Caravan: My son and I are looking to Caravan from San Diego to La Ventana in mid-October. Flexible on dates. Feel free to contact me at - David Spittel contact
Oct 2022 Caravan: Crossing through Mexicali october 2 headed to la ventana Hoping to caravan Evan - evan louis contact
Oct 2022 Ride for People: La paz to sjd Monday October 3, ride share, you drive or I, share cost - Pato contact
Oct 2022 Ride for Stuff: Would love to compensate for anyone leaving Bend or near by to transport two gear bags - Michele Halderman contact
Oct 2022 Ride for Stuff: Looking for a ride from San Clemente for one bag to La Ventana. Well give some money for gas. - Doug contact
Oct 2022 Ride for Stuff: ride for gear so that we can fill the car with household goods. Need transport for 2 gear bags. If you have a trailer with extra room we’d be happy to send more. Will be happy to compensate. - Julie Smalley contact
Oct 2022 Ride for Stuff: Looking for a ride for 1 or 2 Rubbermaid totes with household items/wetsuits/gear. Vancouver/Victoria or WA state to El Sargent. Thanks! - Amanda contact
Nov 2022 Caravan: Crossing first week Nov. Flexible. Headed to LV and prefer a quick drive. - Suzette contact
Nov 2022 Ride for Stuff: Seeking transport of several wings and wingboard and a windsurf sail from the Gorge to La Ventana by the end of November. - Doris contact
Dec 2022 Caravan: I need 3-4 sails to be transported from Hood River to El Sargento preferably in the first week of December. Text Doug 541-760-5900 - Magwire contact
Dec 2022 Ride for Stuff: Need to transfer 3 or 4 sails to El Sargento in early December. - Magwire contact


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How Does the Travel Board Work?

The Ventana View Travel Board is an easy to use system that helps you get in touch with other travelers who are going your way. Here are some important features:

It is the Conversation Starter. The Rest is Up to You – Get in touch with someone about their Rideshare/Travelshare by clicking the envelope (✉️) next to their name. Fill out the form and the system will send an email to the creator of the Rideshare/Travelshare. This message will include your email address and your message. So now the creator can respond to you directly.

No registration. No passwords – All you need to provide is an email address when you create your Rideshare/Travelshare.

Protects Your Privacy – As the creator of a Rideshare/Travelshare, your email address is not displayed on the Travel Board. It will never be revealed.

Email Confirmation – Create your Rideshare/Travelshare and the system will email you a link to confirm it. Once you click the confirmation link, your new Rideshare/Travelshare will appear in the Travel Board.

Edit and Delete – If you make a mistake when creating your Rideshare/Travelshare or you want to delete it from the Travel Board, you can do so by clicking the edit link in the original confirmation email (so save that confirmation email).