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Los Cabos Airport → La Ventana

Feb 29 Arrives SJD 4:40 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. - Curtis Wahlen contact
Mar 04 Arrives SJD 1:00 PM: ride needed/1 per. 1 carry on I personal bag - Janet contact
Mar 05 Arrives SJD 2:20 PM: ride needed/1 per. Just me and two bags - Leslie Smith contact
Mar 06 Arrives SJD 3:08 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. 2 Boardbags, 1 Duffle bag, 1 Carry-on. Share Shuttle? - Matt contact
Mar 06 Arrives SJD 4:00 PM: ride needed/1 per. Carry on and small bike case - Eugene Bernosky contact
Apr 21 Arrives SJD 11:24 AM: ride needed/2 ppl. Looking for a ride to LVES for 2 people, 2 bags. - Jeff contact
Apr 24 Arrives SJD 12:25 PM: ride needed/1 per. I am flying in for Baja Wondergrass. Heading to La Ventana - Sarah D contact

La Ventana → Los Cabos Airport

Feb 29 Leave LV 10:00 AM: ride needed/1 per. 1 carry on bag. Time of departure is very flexible. - Demi contact
Mar 05 Departs SJD 4:00 PM: ride needed/1 per. Flight 4pm out of sjd Myself with 2 checked bags - Joshua contact
Mar 06 Leave LV 8:30 AM: ride needed/2 ppl. from La Ventana to airport 8:30 am - Kelly contact
Mar 06 Departs SJD 3:25 PM: ride needed/1 per. 1 wing board and 1 bag - Jeff Howatt contact
Mar 07 Departs SJD 5:20 PM: ride needed/1 per. One - Chuck contact
Mar 09 Departs SJD 6:35 PM: ride offered/3 ppl. Shuttle reserved. Room for 3 more. More peeps less $$ - Lori contact
Mar 10 Departs SJD 11:30 AM: ride needed/2 ppl. Share a shuttle or ride. - Curtis Wahlen contact
Mar 12 Departs SJD 11:20 AM: ride needed/1 per. Need Ride/shuttle share leaving LV ~7:30 - Ronnie contact
Mar 12 Departs SJD 2:30 PM: ride needed/1 per. Looking to share shuttle from LV to SJD 2 bags - Tom contact
Mar 13 Departs SJD 11:30 AM: ride offered/2 ppl. leaving Radorama vicinity at 7.30. Share a shuttle. - richard contact
Mar 18 Departs SJD 8:15 AM: ride needed/1 per. Just me and 1 bag - Leslie contact
Mar 19 Leave LV 8:30 AM: ride offered/4 ppl. Shuttle booked 8:30 depart can likely get more passengers in - Rick contact
Mar 19 Departs SJD 12:25 PM: ride needed/1 per. Leave LV at 8:30am to SJD. - Maureen contact
Mar 24 Departs SJD 7:00 PM: ride offered/7 ppl. 7 seats available in shuttle. - Katie contact
Mar 27 Departs SJD 3:23 PM: ride needed/1 per. One person, one 'golf' bag and one bike bag - Jeff contact
Apr 04 Departs SJD 3:45 PM: ride offered/2 ppl. We're booking with Samuel and hoping to share. - Bruce contact
Apr 11 Departs SJD 12:30 PM: ride needed/1 per. 2 bags and a saxophone case - Stephen contact
Apr 16 Departs SJD 2:25 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Ride wanted, or share shuttle. - Pam contact
Apr 27 Leave LV 6:00 AM: ride needed/2 ppl. Flight leaves SJD at 1015 - Sarah D contact
May 05 Departs SJD 1:49 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. Need a ride from LVES to SJD for 2 people, 2 bags. thanks! - Jeff contact
Dec 07 Departs SJD 1:25 PM: ride needed/1 per. - Cindy Hanson contact
Dec 18 Departs SJD 1:00 PM: ride needed/2 ppl. 1 dog… fits in palm of your hand! - Jon peddie contact
Feb 07 Departs SJD 4:25 PM: ride needed/1 per. Hope to cost share shuttle or gas - Don Crow contact
May 10 Departs SJD 2:30 PM: ride needed/1 per. - Linda contact

La Paz Airport → La Ventana

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La Ventana → La Paz Airport

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🚙 Travelshares


Feb 2024 Ride for People: Need a ride from La Paz airport Feb 15th around 6pm heading to LV - Michelle contact
Feb 2024 Ride for Stuff: Anyone passing through San Bartolo I have a envelope to be dropped off at the ice cream store. Gracias 🙏 - Kevin contact
Mar 2024 Ride for People: Looking to share a shuttle to SJD flight departs March 2, 2024 at 4:45 pm to Vancouver so would like to leave around 12:00. We are 2 adults 2 golf bags and 2 carry on bags. - Denise contact
Mar 2024 Ride for Stuff: Leaving San Diego approx. March 6th (can flex). Truck: room for passengers and goods. Will tow a trailer. Experienced towing 5th wheel campers and other trailers. WhatsApp: 858-260-9144 - Peter contact


Feb 2024 Caravan: Planning on leaving La Ventana on February 10 or 11th early in the morning for a 2 or 3 days drive to the Mexicali-Calexico border crossing. I am driving a 24ft motorhome. - Enache contact
Feb 2024 Other: Looking for someone wanting to drive my car north (without me) to the Hood River area anytime between late Jan and early march. Room for your stuff too. - Hannah contact
Mar 2024 Caravan: Driving a small Jeep back to the U.S., planning to do two stays at hotels (probably Mulegé and San Felipe). Leaving on March ~21. - Andrea Cuadra contact


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How Does the Travel Board Work?

The Ventana View Travel Board is an easy to use system that helps you get in touch with other travelers who are going your way. Here are some important features:

It is the Conversation Starter. The Rest is Up to You – Get in touch with someone about their Rideshare/Travelshare by clicking the envelope (✉️) next to their name. Fill out the form and the system will send an email to the creator of the Rideshare/Travelshare. This message will include your email address and your message. So now the creator can respond to you directly.

No registration. No passwords – All you need to provide is an email address when you create your Rideshare/Travelshare.

Protects Your Privacy – As the creator of a Rideshare/Travelshare, your email address is not displayed on the Travel Board. It will never be revealed.

Email Confirmation – Create your Rideshare/Travelshare and the system will email you a link to confirm it. Once you click the confirmation link, your new Rideshare/Travelshare will appear in the Travel Board.

Edit and Delete – If you make a mistake when creating your Rideshare/Travelshare or you want to delete it from the Travel Board, you can do so by clicking the edit link in the original confirmation email (so save that confirmation email).