About The Ventana View

The Ventana View is a volunteer-run website and newsletter that shares news and information of interest to the communities surrounding La Ventana Bay. All content is provided via community submissions.

The Ventana View email newsletter is sent three times a week during the peak season (roughly December through March), tapering off to once or twice a week in the offseason. We  are also on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and will continue to share news there.

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Our Mission

To be the go-to resource for visitors and residents to connect with community happenings, businesses, causes and each other in the La Ventana bay area.

Our Official Policies

Our History

The Ventana View was first published in November 2006 by Roberta and patterned after the Baja Pony Express produced by Cheryl in Los Barriles. At that time, a new resident of El Teso, Roberta thought it would provide a useful communication for the residents of the area and it could be a way for her to get to know the neighbors. Roberta (with the help of Tom, Mr. Baja Night Sky) pulled together a list of 20 email addresses and sent the first newsletter.

Roberta singlehandedly maintained and grew this service for 11 years, before handing it off to Edie & Chris in 2017. Since this time Edie & Chris have continued deliver and enhance the newsletter and have introduced the website you are looking at now.