Helping the Community During COVID-19

Are you looking for a way to help local community during the COVID-19 crisis? We are pleased to help promote an opportunity to donate and volunteer with an organization providing direct support to the La Ventana / El Sargento community.


Baja California Sur Community Alliance (BCSCA) is a statewide network responding to the pandemic emergency of 2020. It was formed to respond to the severe shortfall of food and medical supplies due to the COVID-19 health and economic effects in Baja California Sur. The alliance consists of the civil and business sectors working in coordination with state and local governments. BCSCA coordinates three main areas: detecting needs, fundraising and communication, procuring, distributing and supervising the delivery of needed supplies.

BCS Community Alliance Objectives:

  • No person in BCS goes without food during the period of the Pandemic.
  • Support medical services by providing the tools necessary to effectively treat patients during the crisis.
  • Become a permanent network of support that is able to be activated in future emergencies


Community Alliance has been in direct contact with the Delegación of ES/LV and community representatives, working to identify those most affected in this area. The list of families needing support will continue to grow until the pandemic restrictions are eased and people can get back to work. Over the last week the first food packages (“despensas”) were distributed (over 1,500 packages of non-perishable goods and 200 liters of fish/chickpea soup) to LV/ES, Los Planes and the surrounding rancharías. The goal is to continue to make these deliveries approximately every two weeks until the economic crisis has passed. 

Here at the Ventana View we have also worked with Community Alliance to make it possible to indicate that donations from our community will directly serve the La Ventana/El Sargento area. A special donation form was created to make this possible (below). We feel confident your donations to this organization will go directly to families in need in the LV/ES area. With this we should be able to track and report back on our success!



In our case donations are processed through International Community Foundation (see below), and are US Tax deductible. Donations made through this form will be designated for the LV/ES area. Donate Here!


If you are in the area and are able, Community Alliance is looking for people to help with food reception, sorting, transportation and deliveries. You will be given bio-security training before hitting the streets (we took the course, it was great!). Sign up to Volunteer Here!


Thank you! We hope you are staying safe wherever you are right now.