Moon Jellyfish Report

 Moon Jellyfish Report! They can be found in La Ventana Bay in the month of August. Luckily their stings aren’t said to be serious (much like a light case of nettles) and their tentacles are very short so you can swim around them easily to avoid being stung. On 8/12/23, I saw four Moon Jellyfish on my snorkel and snapped this photo. Word to the wise, don’t do what I did multiple times last August! I petted their bells, and then later rubbed my eyes. Apparently, the cells that slough off aren’t able to sting your thicker, hand skin,but they can sting your thin eyelid skin. Watch out for that!

During the last week of July 2023, I swam with the same school of little Green Jacks on two different occasions. Usually, I will dive down, to try and photograph the school, but this time, I just floated, and approached them slowly, or waited for them to approach me. These smaller jacks tend to get much closer than the larger jacks. This was such fun watching them dart passed me, then start frenzy feeding. I thought I’d share this with you. Thanks. William