Sardine Runs

During spring/summer of 2021, one of the largest sardine runs in 25 yrs flowed along El Sargento beaches like a river. This was the most significant ecological event I have ever witnessed. Sardines, a food chain building block, transformed the bay into a series of feeding frenzies where marine species and sea birds were benefactors. I produced and initially released a short video in July 2021, called THE RETURN OF THE SARDINES, and then recently released a new one called 2021 A SARDINE RUN TO REMEMBER, using mostly unused footage of this epic return. Check out the videos, documenting much of the action that I witnessed. If you enjoy them, please consider taking time to share, like and subscribe. 1st time I have ever suggested that to viewers. Now, I sound like just another YouTuber! However, YouYube measures those to decide to bury or promote content. Thanks. William