Spring Snake Emergence

It is now late winter, and the weather patterns are starting to shift. As it warms up, the reptiles wake. It is a magical (for me) time of year, because the spring snake emergence will soon be upon us. 

Snakes are mysterious and elusive creatures. Throughout the winter, they are typically very hard to find, mostly because they are cold blooded and need heat to operate properly. In many parts of the USA and all of Canada, snakes have to find deep holes in the earth to get below the frost line. In contrast, here in Baja it never gets that cold, and snakes can spend the winter in rodent burrows, root systems and under rocks. They will even occasionally come out to bask in the sun rays throughout the winter.

Now that it is warming up, many snakes will come out to find food and soak up the sun. If you are scared of snakes, you need not worry, since the vast majority here are completely harmless. 

The main place you will notice this snake emergence is on hiking and biking trails. You may worry about the snakes hurting you yet, realistically, you are a Far Bigger Danger to the snakes. All I ask — particularly in this season — is to please be careful when driving through the desert, or even mountain biking. Snakes are very vulnerable to cars and, unfortunately, they like sitting on roads.

Next week I will bring to you… drumroll please… the tale of my reptile-inspired trip to the summit of the Sierra de La Laguna! If you want to talk or walk reptiles, email ChanceStevens123@icloud.com