Wet Weather

Today is a rainy day! Although this wet weather is quite rare here, I think it is worth a rainy day column. On wet days, almost all reptiles are in hiding, but many of the local amphibians come out, such as the two local species of toads, the Red Spotted Toad and the Couch’s Spade Foot Toad. 

In the summer on rainy days, toads start calling from the puddles, and dozens of them appear from cracks and holes in the ground. On rainy winter days, however, it is different because it is not the toads’ breeding season. During wet winter days, a few toads will come to the surface, but they really come out during wet winter nights. I bet tonight we will see thousands of toads emerging throughout LV/ES.

As for the reptiles, there are frequently snakes and lizards flooded out of their holes and burrows, and you may see a wet little gecko or iguana running around in search of a new hiding spot.

I love rainy days here in Baja, and so do the plants. This rain will likely give us a beautiful green spring! If you want to talk or walk reptiles, email ChanceStevens123@icloud.com