Community Photos

Occasionally (well, just once so far) we ask the LV community to send us photos centered around a theme. Check the newsletter for what, when and how to submit.

Note: This page is better viewed from a computer. It is not yet optimized for phones, so you might have a hard time seeing the photos under the descriptions. Just tap each photo to see it full size. We’ll resolve this shortly! (maybe)

La Ventana Primer Amor

Junio 2018 – The first photo theme: When did you fall in love with La Ventana? Do you have a photo to share that might capture this memory? Maybe it was last year, maybe it was thirty years ago. (We’re looking for some real throw-backs!


Coming Soon…

Soon we’ll be asking for other submissions (but please do not submit until we’re ready!) Upcoming themes… action, wildlife, sunrise/sunset, what else?