COVID-19 Content Policy

This page is a clarification of our policy (as previously stated in the newsletter) as it relates to publishing information about the COVID-19 pandemic. Updated January 20, 2021.

The Ventana View, as always, is driven by content submitted by you, the La Ventana Bay area community. Our newsletter and our website strive to provide useful updates on what events are happening, how to volunteer for community action, what restaurants are serving, things related to real estate & rentals, the ride shares and as a forum for folks to sell/trade their stuff.

The View is not positioned to provide current (and most importantly, fact-checked) information regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, specifically any urgent announcements, infection rate data, advice, testing and/or potential treatment suggestions. The news we receive (and what we read in the news, on facebook, hear from friends, etc) is often contradictory and embedded with advocacy of one bent or another. We would rather share no information than misleading information.

We hope that by now you have discovered your trusted sources of information. If not, the Centers for Disease ControlWorld Health Organization and the BCS Coronavirus page are good places to start.

Please note that with the ever-changing COVID-related restrictions, information on our newsletter/website related to open businesses and available activities may be out of date. As businesses update us on their status, we update our site.