The Basics

Hotdogs in southern Baja, called “hátes”, are turkey-dogs wrapped in a strip of bacon served in a bun and topped with sauces. At a typical stand you can order a hotdog “normal”, the hotdog wrapped in bacon, or hotdog “especiál”, the bacon-wrapped dog topped with various meats, veggies and cheeses. An especial will vary from stand to stand, different toppings, different preparation. Expect to pay 20-30 pesos for a normal, and 30-50 pesos for an especial.

<<Something about how more stands are open in the summer, and days of the week the stands are typically open>>.

<<Something about how hotdog stands come and go, but the ones listed below are consistently available>>


  • Háte – hotdog wrapped in bacon in a bun, topped with sauces (
  • Salchicha – the “dog” of the hotdog. The sausage.
  • Crema – the white sauce, typically a mix of milk & mayo.
  • Desebrada – shredded roast beef, seasoned and sautéed on the grill
  • (Carne) Asada – chopped beef sautéed on the grill
  • Cebolla <<asadas? what did they call “cooked onions”>> – sautéed onions
  • Aguacate – avocado
  • Queso Amarillo – yellow (American) cheese <<is this right?>>

Háte Rosalva (Reike Dog)

Hidden in the neighborhoods of El Sargento, Rosalva serves hotdogs, normal and especial, and tortas desebrada. Her hotdog especial is topped with desebrada and sautéed onions. She said her beef is seasoned with a secret recipe. Delicious!

??? Do they serve burros?

Háte Six (Six Dog)

Located directly in front of the Six mart on the main drag of El Sargento, “Six Dog” is always crowded. After tasting their hot dogs we can see why. The hotdog especial is filled with cheese, topped with carne asada, onions sautéed or raw, and aguacate. Burros asadas are also popular.

Háte Inglesia (Church Dog)

Justina’s hotdog stand across from the Church in El Sargento may be best known for it’s hamburguesas, but she also serves an amazing hotdog. The hotdog especial comes topped with desebrada, but you can also ask for it “con queso”, with cheese, and the dog will be split lengthwise and filled with cheese.

Háte Manuel (Pablo Dog)

Located in front of Pablo’s (El Viento del Norte) in La Ventana, Manuel specializes in an especiál with chorizo.

Los Pichus

More of a restaurant than a “stand”, Los Pichus serves a wide variety of hotdog, torta and burro…

Top Dog

Some day… some day…