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Light blue puffy jacket in stuff sac
Lost my lightweight puffy jacket near La Tuna beach 🏖 a few days ago! Would really like it back if someone found it! 🙏 Judith
Judith Lawrence contact
2 days ago
Lost at sea flip flops on carabiner
Blue striped Chaco sandals. If found will trade for beer! Text 541-490-8282
Erin contact
2 days ago
Airush lost board
Hi! I lost my board yesterday, March 24. Airush pink, purple and blue. Apparently, a girl found it on the beach, but no one has reached out to me yet. I would be soo happy to have it back 💜🙏🏻✨ +1 438 824-9571 (what's app)
Julie contact
3 days ago
Eleveight wing board
HArd to believe, it worked itself lose from my roof rack and i have no idea where. Happened on Wednesday Oct 24 somewhere between SJD airport and La Ventana, main highway through los barriles. Would like to get it back if it has not been wrecked (or caused a wreck) WApp +1 650 521 2506
Alex contact
3 days ago
Citi credit card
Grey, Lost after use at Respol today, stopped at newer vegetable stand and noticed it missing in Oscaritos. Likely dropped.
Julianne Carlson contact
5 days ago
Lost | Found | Available | Wanted


How Do the Classifieds Work?

The Ventana View Classifieds is an easy to use system that helps you get in touch with other traders to swap goods. Here are some important features:

  • No registration. No passwords – All you need to provide is an email address when you create your listing.
  • Protects Your Privacy – As the creator of a listing, your email address is not displayed on the Classifieds. It will never be revealed.
  • Email Confirmation and Approval – Create your listing and the system will email you a link to confirm it. Once you click the confirmation link, the listing will be sent to the Site Moderator for approval. Once your listing is approved it will appear here in the Classifieds and in the next published newsletter.
  • Edit and Delete – If you make a mistake when creating your listing or you want to delete it from the Classifieds, you can do so by clicking the edit link in the original confirmation email (so save that confirmation email).
  • It is the Conversation Starter. The Rest is Up to You – Get in touch with someone about their listing by clicking the envelope (✉️) next to their name. Fill out the form and the system will send an email to the creator of the listing. This message will include your email address and your message. So now the creator can respond to you directly.