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Cat sitter
This is Mama cat and she is 13 years old and was born under my trailer. This summer I have no one to look after her. Is there a cat lover out there that can help out ?
Cort contact
1 day ago
Montain Bike
Looking for a Montain Bike Small or Medium size. Nothing Fancy it is only to stroll around
Jean-Francois contact
2 days ago
Mens snorkel SET size 10.5
Wanted decent mask , snorkel, flippers
Sahra contact
3 days ago
m8 30mm t40 screws titanium
I need two m8 30mm t40 screws with a hexagon washer head style for my foil. Ideally titanium for the salt water. Please let me know if you have them or know where I could procure them!
Andrea Cuadra contact
3 days ago
Share transportation
Hi, I have a Volkswagon Golf and I am looking for someone to share transportation fee for a round trip or just one way trip from la ventana to River side California. Leaving march the 4th or 5th and come back friday the 8th
Pierre Tremblay contact
4 days ago
Wing Board
Newer Wing board --1-2 years old at around 120l.
Ron contact
6 days ago
Kite harness
Ideally ride engine for women, size small, used
Andrea Cuadra contact
1 week ago
Mountain Bike
Looking for a decent acoustic mountain bike.
Angie contact
1 week ago
board bag for a 7'3" downwinder board
It's fine if it's a surf or windsurf bag. I need something to protect the board while strapped to the top of our car during the ride back to California.
Andrea Cuadra contact
1 week ago
North sonar foil
Looking for a complete sonar foil for wing. 84 cm mast M.A. or S.F or H.A Thanks
Jeff contact
1 week ago
Armstrong wingboard sup
60 or 75 l
Jeff contact
1 week ago
Ocean Rodeo Mako
Looking for an Ocean Rodeo MAKO to buy for my short time coming up in LV
Daniel contact
2 weeks ago
Couch and or love seat
Looking for comfortable furniture for our new place. Really we need many things, barstools, fridge, washing machine. What have you got that is in good shape and needs a new home? We will pay a fair price.
Chris contact
2 weeks ago
SUP paddle wanted
I made the mistake of leaving my Stand Up Paddleboard paddle on the beach and so now I’m looking to buy a replacement.
Gary Walker contact
2 weeks ago
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