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- El Sargento
Calling all coffee lovers and digital nomads in BCS! Looking for a cozy spot to work all day while enjoying bottomless cups of freshly brewed coffee, delicious food, and a strong Wi-Fi connection? Look no further! Discover TZorro Café Ejecutivo & Coworking, where productivity meets culinary bliss.
Located in El Sargento community, TZorro Cafe offers the perfect blend of work and pleasure. Need a tasty snack? Indulge in their mouthwatering Egg, Bacon, and Monterrey Jack Croissant, or a lighter snack such as the delicious olives dressed by a salty-spicy-citrus taste. And for a heavenly beverage, try the Natural Electrolites: a mix of coconut and sparkling water, and a touch of lemon; or the awesome Choco Boom smoothie, a delightful mix of dates, banana, and cocoa.
But that’s not all! TZorro goes beyond your expectations. They provide gadgets to clean your electronic devices, ensuring they stay pristine. Plus, their noise-canceling headphones will help you focus by blocking out any distractions.
🔥ALSO!!! They deliver on site complete meals (lunch boxes) that you can grab for your safari experiences in La Ventana & El Sargento!!! Very convenient, tbh.
Another thing is that they welcome meetings and classes for teachers who need a space to conduct their sessions. Whether it’s a team meeting or a classroom setting, they’ve got you covered! 👩‍🏫 🧶 🎨
TZorro delivers their delicious meals to the departure site for morning safari expeditions in La Ventana & El Sargento, so you can start your adventure with a lunch made with love and care 🥰🥪🥤
Support this local gem, where coffee, delicious food, a strong Wi-Fi connection, and convenient tech solutions await. Share the news with your fellow coffee enthusiasts, foodies, and remote workers. Let them experience the joy of TZorro Café.
📍 Location: Calle Delfino Castro Calderon SN, El Sargento
⏰ Opening Hours: M-S 8 to 17h
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📸 Instagram: @tzorrocafe
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