Beachfront LaVentana 58 meters

 Lots / by Dean DeVolpi

Incredible inspiring views from this Beachfront property, double wide lot of 58 meters of oceanfront. Build your home of dreams. Step out of the house of your dreams to be constructed your way onto your beach and step onto a launchable windsport beach with incredible sideshore winds so you can safely launch and get in safely. It really is a launchable beach and not cliff or onshore dangerous location. It is gently terraced from the top of the property down to the beach. This is one of the top 5 beachfronts of the area, we do not have a road in front of our property, imagine no-one parking in front of you. We are not on south beach where on el nortes the sand clouds can give you respiratory issues, there is a reason there are huge sand deposits there, ya they could wear properly fitting N95 masks during the el Nortes and on shore during big wind is dangerous if not impossible unless you are of superstar abilities. Far north, well in my 24 years the road has been lengthened 1 km, so do not plan on it getting to the pt gordo area, if you break down at my location it is about a 1 hour drift to the beach or less if real windy so no hypothermia. Then we have many cliff places that do not have decent access and some no access to the actual beach. My property one can build steps away from the beach and or on the top for the only beachfront that has 360 unobstructed views as well build right on the beach area.

Property is located at the border of LaVentana and El Teso, south of El Sargento, BCS Mexico. This is a titled property, and I have been here for 24 years. City water, electric, and fiberoptic internet are hooked up here. This is not a budget property. Can be subdivided into smaller lots starting at USD$600k for view and beachfront to $990k for beachfront parcels.

Location is walking distance to many things in LaVentana as it is 400 meters north of the Main Campground. Farmer market 100 meters. two top restraunts 100 to 400 meters, toco stand 200 meters. 1.5 km walk to Star market to the north. Up to 58 meters of beachfront/oceanfront, will subdivide, or do a development. , 400 to 4600 square meters total with multiple terraced levels.

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