All Things Reptile’s One-Year Anniversary

It is now mid February, and we have just passed All Things Reptile’s one-year anniversary. On this special occasion, I have decided to write a poem reflecting on my first ten reptile columns. 

The First Ten

Our adventures started with a speedy friend,
The Baja California Coachwhip
With his tail a vibrant orange on the end.

Then came the race-car lizard of Baja,
The Orange-Throated Whiptail
With a throat the color of a Naranja.

After this came number three,
The Sand Snake
Living wild and free.

Then the night snake followed suit, 
I got some good pictures
Before he hid under my boot.

After that came another creature of the night
As the Asian House Gecko 
Got its spot in the light.

Next came the Cape Spiny-Tailed Iguana
Becoming common in the spring
As Baja became a sauna.

This column has been fun to write from the get-go,
Especially now as we move on 
To the Western Banded Gecko.

Then came a personal favorite of yours truly,
The Cape Gopher Snake,
Though they are a bit unruly.

Almost there with number nine
The Zebra Tailed Lizard 
Burrowing under the sand line.

Finally we have reached number 10 and the end, 
Featuring Black-Tailed Brush Lizards,
I am ready to push send.

Most importantly, on the column’s one-year anniversary, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me reach this milestone. Thank you, Chris and Edie, the editors at The Ventana View, for making this column possible. Thank you as well, everyone who has emailed me questions and comments. This has been an extremely supportive group and you all have given me so much inspiration.

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