Sierra de la Laguna: Part 1

Sierra de la Laguna: Part 1. In early March, some friends, my dad and I had an adventure hiking the highest mountain in BCS in search of rare reptiles.

This mountain in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountain Range is known as the Cima de la Sierra, although you can’t even see the Cima until you are already high in the mountains. This four-day backpacking trip ended up being an incredible experience, despite the many ups and downs (ha ha, literally). Anyway, this will be a three-part series describing that adventure and what we found on it.

The day before it all started was a scramble to get on the road, as usual. However, unlike usual, we were able to depart only about an hour behind schedule. By evening we had made it to Rancho San Dionisio, which is essentially on the trailhead. We spent the night there and made it onto the trail by mid-morning. The first hour was quite pleasant, and we were in good spirits.

I was very excited, as our first camp was going to be at a beautiful swimming hole. I was also excited because I was going to have a freeze-dried pasta primavera for lunch, among our freeze-dried food assortment. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, our cookstove was left in the truck. Our guide insisted we would have fires to cook on and we already had way too much stuff, so it was left behind. That would prove to be a grave mistake. 

The trail then changed, and we were now trekking up a steep hill. After about five hours of hiking up a mountain in 85-degree weather, we finally arrived at the beautiful swimming hole surrounded by stunning rock lizards. After freezing half to death in the tropical desert ice water, I headed up to camp to have lunch but, when I got there… 

To be continued next week in All Things Reptile! If you want to talk or walk reptiles, email