Supporting Local Fauna

This week I am presenting my column a little differently, as I do not have a new species to discuss. Here are a couple things that can be done to help the local fauna when developing property and building houses in LV/ES. 

  1. Leave Leaf Litter – A great way to help out our reptilian friends is to leave leaf litter! This is crucial for just about all lizards and small snakes. I see many people leaving bushes and trees to help animals, which is definitely a step in the right direction; however, raking all the leaves out from under the bushes and trees takes away the habitat and, therefore, no habitat, no lizards. My suggestion is to rake your paths and hangout areas, but leave the less-used portions of your property natural and un-raked.
  2. Leave Holes in Walls – Leave places for animals to get through your walls. Many people in this area have huge concrete walls surrounding their property and, although these are obstacles, reptiles can manage fine with just a little help. A great way to let reptiles pass through is to leave a small gap on the bottom of the wall along the sand line. It could be just a tiny hole 3 x 3 inches (8 x 8 centimeters). Even an opening this small can be a huge help. And you will likely be rewarded! If you watch the hole for a while, you will hopefully get to see it being used.

If you are worried about holes because you don’t want rattlesnakes coming onto your property, think about it this way: If a snake comes through your gate, it will likely cross to the other side and try to find a way to keep moving. When it hits a wall, it will search for an exit; if it can’t find one, it will have no choice but to backtrack or just hang out. So now you have an uninvited guest, trapped in your space, helping itself to your amenities, and rodents. – If you want to talk or walk reptiles, email