Flow Fluently Dance Studio

Detailed Information

Discover your natural ability to dance at Flow Fluently dance studio! Open classes are Mondays 7pm and Thursdays 9am. Cost:Donation

  • Class: Start with explorative exercises, developing fluid movement and feel-good dancing! You are building your abilities to always be inflow and feel free on the dance floor. 50 min.
  • Dance: Freedom dance party! Explore your creativity, develop your skills, and let it flow. 50 min.

Come for one or for both! Let’s dance! OR schedule a private lesson with Michael!

  • Private Introduction: Start your dance journey with a private intro lesson- discuss your goals, our program opportunities, and receive a full “Intro to Flow” dance lesson.
  • Private lessons: We coordinate each lesson to grow efficiently and naturally as you discover feel-good movement, a full body workout, and new lifelong abilities. You are training to dance successfully in all situations and love it! Train alone or with a partner.

Contact Michael +1-425-359-9857 or schedule at www.FlowFluently.com