Season Kickoff Survey 20/21 Results

We asked our readers a few questions to help get a sense of what everyone is thinking about this unusual season. With 356 respondents, here are the results!

Some of the “Other” activities you enjoy: Animal rescue/foster/rehab, Art (painting, drawing), Beach volleyball, Building a home, Dance, Enjoying local food, Golfing, Hanging out / Relaxing, Learning Spanish, Oula, Outrigger canoe paddling, Ranchero life, Running, Walking, Watching the sunrise, Wing foiling, Working, Working out. Fantastic!

We also asked an open-ended question: “What question should we have asked?” And we got a lot of amazing feedback. In fact, it has inspired us to start a weekly “one question” survey (Coming soon to a newsletter near you!). Not surprisingly, more than 25% of the questions we received were COVID-related, mostly concern around whether or not people would be following guidelines for safety: social distance, wearing masks, quarantine upon arrival & keeping social gatherings small. We hope everyone who visits our beautiful community will be safe and stay healthy!

Thank you for all your feedback!


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