Kite Ventana

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By Hot Springs Beach - 15 min north of La Ventana
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Our modern, desert paradise is completely off-grid and only a three-minute walk from the area’s best launch. After your ride, dig a pit at Hot Spring Beach, for a thermal soak and vibrant sunset.

We have something for everyone with our four modernly designed rooms or two large glamping tents for the most adventurous. Each space has a queen-sized bed, letting you indulge in our luxurious nature setting. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, we boast an abundance of excitement within steps!

There are plenty of activities right at our doorstep, from kiteboarding to snorkeling, hiking, or riding the fantastic bike tracks through the cardones. If you just rather a relaxing evening, stay at our bathtub with an amazing view of the whole bay and enjoy a beautiful sunset.