Crevalle Jacks Schooling in Ventana Bay

I ran into this incredible school of Crevalle Jacks weighing in around 10-12 pounds. They swam at me rapidly, turned and left. I immediately dove to the bottom and waited til they came back and circled me. Then tried to follow them once they left again. Yeah, right! They were far gone in a flash. It’s the largest school I’ve seen of big fish near shore since I started snorkeling regularly since fall of 2016. This school is one of the great schools of fish I hoped for at the end of my The Return of the Sardines video. It’s truly amazing to witness how the sardines have transformed the bay, bringing back a sizeable return of the pelicans (counted 200 one day) and a diverse group of other birds along with them. There’s been far more water surface activity of fish feeding in the bay like I’ve never seen. Let’s hope the Dorado and the Sierra and other big schools will show up near shore once again!