Water Art III

Water Art III, a video by William Inhe. This video is a fusion of water surface shots with my best close-contact fish photography-captured using “set” cameras. This art conveys best how I feel about these amazing creatures we hardly know. The music ebbs and flows; seems to end, but goes on…the calming transitions are there for you to take a good, deep breath. Hope you enjoy it.

Note: Photos from this video and Observing Baja Coral Reef Fish YT channel, will be available at the silent auction at the No Más Basura Concert on Valentine’s Day. Feb 14. 5-10pm. William desertplayer@hotmail.com


I know almost nothing about starfish, except that the starfish in La Ventana Bay are truly beautiful, interesting creatures to observe especially using time lapse photography.  They are very diverse in color and design. This video is meant to highlight just that. Click here to see my video on local starfish. William’s Starfish Video. I have placed a couple of links in the video description if you’d like to learn more about them. For more information on local reef ecology, Contact William desertplayer@hotmail.com


Correction, the fish in a previously posted video entitled: “Stonefish,” is not a Stonefish! but is a Stone Scorpionfish, a completely different fish. I was alerted by retired Biology Professor from Northern Arizona University, Dr. Linn Montgomery.  Here’s the corrected video. Stone Scorpionfish Video.  See link in the video description to an article discussing differences between Stonefish and Scorpionfish. Contact William, for more info: desertplayer@hotmail.com

Crevalle Jacks

Here is a short clip of a pair of Crevalle Jacks that swam toward me, then turned when they saw me, and one made the vocalization that you hear in this video: Crevalle Jack Makes Vocalization. Crevalle Jacks are the fish that are crazily hammering the sardines in my Return of the Sardines video. They chased the sardines onto shore and left a trail of dead fish all along the El Sargento shoreline in 2021. William desertplayer@hotmail.com

Interesting Underwater Perspective

a video short, titled: Imagine You’re a Baitfish from an “Interesting Underwater Perspective” playlist on William’s Observing the Baja Coral Reef Fish Youtube channel, which provides fish identification resources for our precious, but struggling coral reefs, and reef fish communities in La Ventana Bay. Check out the video documenting the largest Sardine run along El Sargento beaches in 25 years, or learn about two amazing 8 ft. Oarfish that were rescued, and get to know a Male Hogfish photographed over 30-months period, or learn to spot extremely poisonous Stonefish, or Stingrays buried in the sand. Visit the channel to learn about the amazing diversity of marine life that resides in beautiful La Ventana Bay. Contact William for more information at desertplayer@hotmail.com

Overheated Coral

This summer 2023 water temperatures in La Ventana Bay have steadily remained above historical maximum levels. When coral is overheated, it expels photosynthesizing algae that produces food and energy so the coral can grow and remain healhty. Coral losing its algae then turns white. We are seeing a significant coral bleaching event happening still at the end of September 2023, and wont’ cease until temperatures drop below the coral bleaching threshold. William desertplayer@hotmail.com

Moon Jellyfish Report

 Moon Jellyfish Report! They can be found in La Ventana Bay in the month of August. Luckily their stings aren’t said to be serious (much like a light case of nettles) and their tentacles are very short so you can swim around them easily to avoid being stung. On 8/12/23, I saw four Moon Jellyfish on my snorkel and snapped this photo. Word to the wise, don’t do what I did multiple times last August! I petted their bells, and then later rubbed my eyes. Apparently, the cells that slough off aren’t able to sting your thicker, hand skin,but they can sting your thin eyelid skin. Watch out for that!

During the last week of July 2023, I swam with the same school of little Green Jacks on two different occasions. Usually, I will dive down, to try and photograph the school, but this time, I just floated, and approached them slowly, or waited for them to approach me. These smaller jacks tend to get much closer than the larger jacks. This was such fun watching them dart passed me, then start frenzy feeding. I thought I’d share this with you. Thanks. William desertplayer@hotmail.com

One Coral Reef Fish Species – A Quick Look

Here’s two new video shorts apart of my series, One Coral Reef Fish Species- A Quick Look. Thanks. William desertplayer@hotmail.com

White Spotted Boxfish: Here’s a fish that I have never seen swimming in a group. Usually, they are alone or with a breeding partner swimming and residing along or beneath the coral reef. Each remains in a territory that can be repeatedly visited.

Stonefish: Stonefish are fascinating creatures. What do I know about them? Not a lot. Their spines on their dorsal fins are very poisonous. They rely on using camouflage to hide from predators and prey. They sit without moving for long periods. When Stonefish want to move very short distances, they will use their lateral fins to walk along the bottom. You can see that in this footage

 Sardine Runs

During spring/summer of 2021, one of the largest sardine runs in 25 yrs flowed along El Sargento beaches like a river. This was the most significant ecological event I have ever witnessed. Sardines, a food chain building block, transformed the bay into a series of feeding frenzies where marine species and sea birds were benefactors. I produced and initially released a short video in July 2021, called THE RETURN OF THE SARDINES, and then recently released a new one called 2021 A SARDINE RUN TO REMEMBER, using mostly unused footage of this epic return. Check out the videos, documenting much of the action that I witnessed. If you enjoy them, please consider taking time to share, like and subscribe. 1st time I have ever suggested that to viewers. Now, I sound like just another YouTuber! However, YouYube measures those to decide to bury or promote content. Thanks. William desertplayer@hotmail.com