Snorkling in Baja

Here’s a newer fish video: Snorkeling in Baja. There are many fish vids on my Youtube channel, Observing Baja Coral Reef Fish, Ventana Bay that I have not shared with the Ventana View. I have been documenting life around the reefs of El Sargento, identifying well over a 100 species of fish since Nov. 2017. There still exists tremendous diversity around the reefs. However, the adult fish are scarce, and the sharks along the reefs right by El Sargento, I have never seen one in over 500 snorkels. I understand there is a La Ventana dive shop owner who is working with the local shark fisherman to take tourists to see the sharks out toward Punta Arena.

So if fewer sharks are taken and a tourism industry grows around seeing the sharks, maybe they will return to the reefs where I swim? Let’s hope so. They are an important part of the ecology, as are the sardines, which haven’t returned to the shore where I filmed them last year in one of the largest returns in 25 years. In case you missed it: The Return of the Sardines. It was a magnificent thing to witness, and the video is really a tribute to “life rebounding.”

The footage I share linked below is from between Muertos Bay and Punta Arena. Hope you like it. William